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The Resort

Viva Wyndham V

19.3000 ° N — 69.5807 ° W

We fell in love with our hotel on Samaná Bay. It offered everything we needed: beautiful surroundings, nice installations and, especially, peacefulness. There were so few people around that we thought ourselves at home. And we took advantage of all that space, till night's end.



It’s all about the scarves

Blue scarves, yellow scarves, red scarves, black scarves. All week long, four teams gave battle in a multitude of events, showing no mercy. The week started with an intense beach volleyball tournament, but after that, any activity involving many participants became an official competition. Obviously, when the time came to tally up the score, results were rather sketchy, as only a few could be called upon as reliable witnesses. Some say the yellow scarves won, but the jury is still out on that one…


Making good times

At the resort, we lose our developer, designer and producer tags. We become molkky players, pool squatters, professional nap-takers and improvised surfers. Between the beach and our rooms, the restaurant and the pool, groups cross paths, share invitations and scatter, day in day out. The only rule, in fact, is to take full advantage of it all, each to his or her fancy. Some excel in the art doing nothing to such a degree that we have to wonder how they can be so good at their job.


Last Man Standing

When night falls, shadows shift around the pool and glide along the beach. The Loco family is still living it up. We gather around a drink and a game, some music, or an impassioned discussion. Some flaunt their unique dance moves for stunned tourists, others realize by just how much they underestimated the sun that day. But behind all this display of good humour and camaraderie, the same question haunts the minds of all those still awake. Who will be the last man standing this night? Many aspire to be the one, but the smart money is on Benjamin, yet again…

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