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The Cruise

Los Haitises National Park

19.1540 ° N — 69.3549 ° W

During the week, part of our group chose to go and discover Los Haitises National Park, one of the island’s exceptional attractions. Birds, islands, mangroves, caves and rum; that was our plan. Let us take you there.

Square kilometres


Samaná Bay

Located in the north-eastern part of the island, on Samaná Bay, the park offers singular geology, such as a labyrinth of deep fjords and vegetation that disappears into forests of mangroves and vines. Its numerous and occasionally interconnecting caves were once the refuge of the island’s original inhabitants, the Tainos. One can observe an impressive variety of trees, birds and other mammals there. Including tourists.


Dominican rum aboard

During the boat ride the crew serves rum, and fill our glasses when they are empty. Consequently, a communal grin adorns the faces of all when we finally reach our destination. Exploration then begins by snaking between the islands with hundred of birds frolicking above us. Numerous stop-offs allow us to explore impressive caves, some of which are adorned with Tainos paintings. Our designers agreed their technique was underwhelming.

Cayo Levantado

A deserted island (almost)

The exceptional beach on the island of Cayo Levantado is the last stop on our return journey. A superb beach where we can be alone… with a few hundred other tourists who were dropped-off there for the afternoon. Undaunted, we finish the day with a well-deserved session of lazing about and indulge in one of our favourite sports: observing the surrounding “fauna”. Much enjoyment was had and many photos taken.

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