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Las Terrenas

19.3174 ° N — 69.5276 ° W

How better to explore our surroundings than a scooter ride? That’s what a dozen of us planned on Wednesday. Our scooters awaited us at 8 in the morning, ready to carry us towards the unknown.


First stop

Las Terrenas

Leaving the hotel under the sun’s still tolerable rays, we hit the road for Las Terrenas, a small neighbouring town of 40,000 souls. There, we stroll the streets, explore the beaches, and stop for a bite in a local restaurant where we come across yesterday’s diving instructor.


Unforeseen circumstances

After our meal, we head for the El Limon waterfall, highly recommended by our guide. Turns out we will need horses to get there and are only informed of this when we get to the end of the road. Somewhat cooled-off by the timing of this information, we change our plans and head for Playa Moron, a remote beach east of the bay. We quickly find ourselves off the paved road and onto a bumpy trail, giving some of us frights and sending others into involuntary acrobatics. Finally we get to our destination. There, we discover a marvelously untamed and almost deserted beach. Almost, but not quite; a local comes to offer us some cold beers. How could we refuse?


On the road again

The end of the afternoon finds us heading peacefully back to the hotel. The soft air, the golden light that gently carresses the green landscape... Time comes to a stop while rolling through this bliss with our colleagues. We get back to our home away from home heads filled with imagery and sporting huge grins. Well, almost all of us.

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