Explore Samaná 10 Years

10 Years

Playa Jackson

19.2872 ° N — 69.6681 ° W

The boat that came for us on the hotel beach glided along the island’s majestic cliffs to an untamed beach. There, on the sand, an improvised bar and tables awaited us.

in the shade


Samana has a well-kept secret

There is a deserted beach, accessible only by boat. It is called Playa Jackson. Towered over by immense cliffs draped in luxuriant vegetation, it is crossed by a sinuous little river that meanders through coconut groves before flowing into the ocean. A little piece of paradise, just for us.


A unique setting for a unique story

Locomotive is ten years old. From modest beginnings in the partners’ humble apartment to the agency it has become, we faced many challenges, struggled with doubts, enjoyed many laughs, shared incredible stories and, of course, had fun. A lot of fun. That’s because Locomotive is a human adventure first, built from growing friendships and teamwork. For ten years, we haven’t found a better way to celebrate than to be together. Simple as that. I want to go to a deserted island? I’m taking my team with me.


All the ingredients are there

On the menu today: the morning’s catch of rock lobster grilled over a fire, fresh fruit cocktails, coconut water and whatever games suit our fancy. Or laze around. When we get tired of swimming in 28°C ocean water, we take a refreshing dip in the river, or simply lay down in the shade for a snooze. The only rule is to take full advantage, and to do so until sunset. This makes for great memories. And sunburns.


Survival mode

We will definitely remember our failed departure. When the time came to leave, the boat would not start. A broken part needs replacing. Far from all civilization, the possibility of being stranded so far away at night starts to creep into our minds. We organize. Some search for firewood, some search for Benjamin’s glasses, lost when jumping overboard, unsuccessfully. Finally, good fortune smiles upon us when a charitable soul delivers the missing part. We left our beach at dusk, with twinges of regret.

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