Explore Samaná Day Trip

Day Trip

El Limón, Samaná

19.2816 ° N — 69.4376 ° W

Occasionally, some of us form small groups and take a break from the resort to explore the surrounding region, aiming to experience the local culture and witness the island's natural beauty, particularly around the El Limón area.


Personalized experience

Setting off early in the morning, some of us embarked on a trek through the lush jungle, guided by an knowledgeable guide who led the way. Crossing rivers and conquering steep hills, we marveled at the vibrant flora and fauna surrounding us. Eventually, we reached the magnificent El Limón waterfalls, where we enjoyed a refreshing dip in the cool water and admired the breathtaking views.

Pedal to the metal

Others among us sought an adrenaline rush, opting to rent side-by-side ATVs and race along the dirt roads, enjoying a cultural adventure with the wind in our hair, full on. Passing by local farms and plantations, we witnessed farmers working in the fields, discovered the process of coffee production and indulged in the flavors of the island's delicious fruits.

Unforgettable memories

After each excursion, we return to the hotel filled with a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for these unforgettable moments. Our excursion provided us with a glimpse of another side of the Dominican Republic, enriched with natural wonders. We knew that the memories and the moments we experienced together would always hold a special place in our hearts.

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