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15 Years

Cenote Elvira, Puerto Morelos

20.8904 ° N — 87.0906 ° W

On the little road between Puerto Morelos and Leona Vicario, the Cenote Elvira is a well-hidden wonder protected by the locals. Formed by the collapse of an underground cavern filled with water, the cenote offered us a natural swimming pool, surrounded by rocks, with an intimate atmosphere. It was the perfect place to kick off Locomotive's 15th anniversary celebrations.

lost GoPro


Too Many Fajitas? Impossible

Thanks to the invaluable help of a Quebecer now living in Playa del Carmen, we were greeted with a wonderful party. There was festive music to make us dance while we waited for our drinks at the open bar. We were also lucky enough to have a huge fajita feast prepared by our Mexican friends. A true delight!


The Forever Lost Footage

What would the images from our GoPro say if we hadn't lost the camera at the cenote? Everyone had been warned to hold the camera firmly when jumping into the water. We even had a GoPro tripod at our disposal to safely jump with the camera. But the tripod stayed at the bottom of the backpack while the GoPro found the bottom of the cenote.

Aerial Acrobatics

Finding Courage

For the first time on a Locomotive trip, half of the team was made up of new colleagues; the old-timers no longer had the majority! So a friendly competition of jumps in the cenote was organized between the newer and older team members. Jumping into a hole several meters deep, where bats live, can be scary. Some didn't dare to jump, while others found the courage by wearing their life jackets as underwear.

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