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Iberostar Rosehall Suites

18.5150 ° N — 77.7665 ° W

Our hotel for the week, the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites, is located on a beach of white sand. On site are several restaurants, three outdoor pools, a pool bar, a spa and a gym, but above all a breathtaking beach.



Ready, set, go!

With the spirit of fraternity (and of “the morning after”) upon us, activities are organized around a calendar and team system previously established by the Social Club. On the menu: rock-paper-scissor relay races, volleyball tournaments and the ever popular molkky. Every team's honour is at stake in these challenges, we're all ready to go to great lengths to win.

The beach

Beach bums

When we want to relax, we head for the beach. That's where we undoubtedly find several of our colleagues loosening up, reading a book, getting a tan or just soaking in the sea under a radiant sun. It's heaven on earth. Setting oneself up for a worry-free afternoon is easy.


We eat, and eat, and eat

Knowing that a meat-free culture is not as popular in many countries, we make sure that vegetarian and vegan options are available during our travels and official events. In Jamaica, despite the choice of many restaurants, the buffet offered the greatest variety of food to satisfy the entire team. It also served as the rallying point for all seekers of good company.


Big night or big nap

Every night, we know at what time things start, but we don’t always know at what time things end. Games are organized and improvised daily, discussions heat up, an open bar, the nightclub, the syrup spiked pastis, an evening’s flirt, the sculptures at the doors, the midnight dips and the lack of sleep… almost no one escapes it.


I won my challenge

At first, completing the personal challenge given to you during the pre-takeoff briefing seems to be relatively easy. However, it rapidly became clear that this would not be a walk in the park. You get a challenge secretly aimed at an individual from another team and each person has to establish a strategy for achieving it during the week. A legitimately won challenge gives your team a lot of points so you're willing to look quite silly to take down your target.

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