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Day Trip

Ocho Rios

18.3737 ° N — 77.0510 ° W

Each year, Locomotive organizes a Special Day as part of the annual trip. Jamaica has so much to offer, with its breathtaking scenery, beautiful wilderness and multitude of aquatic activities. Choosing just one was difficult.



The Blue Hole

Of all our adventures this week, the day spent at the Blue Hole remains a highlight. A little piece of paradise  found at the edge of the forest, reveals a group of waterfalls. We go upstream through hidden tunnels under the falls and finding ourselves perched on the void, we jump into in a lagoon of crystal-clear water. A serious spike of adrenaline. Emotion gets the best of us; a GoPro camera disappears at the bottom of the lake. Recovery is attempted, but in vain.


Shooting the rapids

Speeding along route A1, we travel about fifty kilometres to a riverside hangout. Our instructions are clear: grab a tube and a life jacket, head to the launch area, saddle your tube, hang on to your closest colleague and let the rapids' flow take you away. The journey is less frantic than expected, yet we all burst into tears laughing. While some find themselves outside their comfort zone, all of us are enjoying a thrilling ride. We take the time to appreciate and enjoy the nature surrounding us before heading back to our hotel to end the day.

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