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The City

Welcome to Havana

23.1138 ° N — 82.3661 ° W

In Havana, the capital and port city of 2.4 million people, we discover the renown colonial architecture and encounter a warm and inviting people. An unassuming visit will take us on a memorable adventure that will make us want to stay there.

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En route

¡Viva la Revolución!

On the road to Havana, aboard a flawless ‘57 Chevy, our local guide tells us about life in Cuba, the political climate, and Fidel. Through the window, we admire the region’s fabulous landscapes. On the way, we stop a few minutes for a little coconut rum, to the sound of mariachis who offer us a morning performance under a tent.


The real Cuba

In the streets of the capital, every detail displays its life story, every place tells of its rich history. We stop for toasts with Cuba Libre in a bar that opens onto the street and surrender to the sounds of Latin music. And there, for a moment, we feel like we are living the real Cuba.

The storm

Unfavourable forecast

After a hot and humid day, the sky covers with dark gray and a storm hits the capital. We take shelter, gather our thoughts, and head back towards our guide for the return trip. Some want to stay for the night, others are disenchanted by the rain. On the road back to Varadero, the tropical storm seems to want to follow us all the way. Finally, at the hotel, we end the evening dry with a mojito in hand, ready for the last man standing challenge.

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