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The Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen

20.6552 ° N — 86.6294 ° W

What a pleasure to be swimming again in the wonderful Caribbean Sea with our colleagues! There's no better feeling than jumping into the water equipped with our masks, bottles and flippers to discover a fascinating and colorful aquatic world.

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First time

Falling In Love With Diving

Usually, diving is a Locomotive tradition that is repeated every year. For fairly obvious reasons, this was the first time we had the chance to do this common passion in more than two years. Thus, the new hires of the last two years represented more than half of the divers this year. For these people (and also for our regulars), it was a memorable experience.


Reconnecting With Nature

Opportunities to travel have been rather rare in recent years, so the explorations of Playa del Carmen’s coasts were special times for everyone on board. Our explorers started with a dive at Mama Viña, where they could discover a beached shrimp boat inhabited by a huge green moray eel, the guardian of the place. Then, they went drift diving in Barracuda to visit hand-shaped coral reefs where each finger was telling its own story. Some divers reported that they felt like they were floating in space.

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