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Playa Ink Tattoo Shop

20.6521 ° N — 87.0540 ° W

Many of us accepted the challenge during our annual trip in Mexico. So to highlight this edition, we replaced the blood pact for a permanent matching tattoo.



Playa Ink Tattoo Shop

With over 10 years of experience, Playa Ink Tattoo Shop boasts of making the best body art works in Playa del Carmen. Located very close to the downtown beach, the shop is very friendly and professional. From the hotel, a short cab ride takes us directly to downtown for our session which begins in the middle of the afternoon.


Marked for life

Following the creation of the brand image for the trip, we really hung on the design of the Mexican skulls proposed by Marie-Christine. This is where we decided to take action and make a lasting mark on this annual trip.


A unifying event

Many join the event as spectators, just to take a few pictures of our anxious faces. Of course, the day ends at El Fogon to taste their renowned tacos (probably the best in town) and practice our archaic notions of Spanish.

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