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Welcome to Riviera Maya

20.4886 ° N — 87.2520 ° W

If you like culture, nature and history, it is impossible to visit Mexico without discovering the richness of its villages, its cenotes or the archaeological sites and ruins of our Mayan ancestors.



In the heart of Riviera Maya

What is fascinating about the Riviera Maya is that everything is easily accessible by route 307, crossing the coast of Quintana Roo, from Cancun to Belize. Plenty of activities for all tastes, from the outdoors to exploring the ruins, to epicurean tastings in search of the best taco joint in the region.


Wonders of Mexico

A huge network of underground canals, submerged in a mixture of fresh and salt water, cover much of the Quintana Roo region and other parts of Mexico. These networks form natural pools which for the most part are accessible to the public. These cult places offer transcendent experiences and offer unreal scenery and lighting patterns.


Ruins and villages

It's easy to learn more about the history and culture of the Mexican people. Set off to conquer the Mayan ruins and learn concrete facts about the turn of events or simply forget the route and get lost in the surrounding villages to taste the local flavours and contemplate the authentic colours of Mexico.

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