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The Dive

Caribbean Sea

18.5964 ° N — 77.6616 ° W

Off the coast, our boat pulls away from the shore under a full moon. A night dive has been planned. You can feel the anxiety, but oh, how lucky we are to live this experience together. We dive in and quickly descend to the bottom, slipping into darkness.



An underwater adventure

Day or night, diving takes us into an unknown world, a place that only a lucky few have had the chance to behold. The Caribbean offers an incredible and natural underwater scenery where we find vibrant aquatic fauna. Being a lucky bunch, we meet a shark and some rays. Each dive is a unique experience, one needs only observe and have a curious mind.


Welcome to the abyss

Once at the bottom, we make sure that everyone made it and inch ourselves towards the abyss, our flashlights guiding each of our movements. Underwater, absolute tranquility. All living organisms are at rest making them easy to observe and photograph. To our great surprise, we make acquaintance with a second shark, bigger than the first, looking to have a closer look at us. The dive ends in a pool of phosphorescent algae, an almost supernatural atmosphere resembling that of the Upside Down (Stranger Things).

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