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The City

Montego Bay

18.4713 ° N — 77.9246 ° W

Because of its international airport, Montego Bay has become a tourist destination especially known for its beach, one of Jamaica’s most famous. It is praised for its white sand and turquoise waters.

degrees Celsius


Welcome to the market

While many want to relax on the hotel beach, others prefer taking the afternoon to explore the city. Some simply want to escape the hotel resort while others go searching for their best snapshot of the week. “Jerk” spices being especially famous in this region, we make sure to stock up before continuing our trip, of course.


Exploring the surroundings

Our charming guide then takes us to a small fishing village where we find friendly welcoming locals. In the public square, a gigantic pot plant and tiny bar grab our attention. A perfect opportunity to snag a few refreshments. Further along the road, a beautiful beach. We stop for some fresh fire-grilled fish courtesy of local fishermen just returned from a fruitful underwater excursion.

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