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The River

Rio Bueno, Jamaica

18.4526 ° N — 77.4539 ° W

Our river tubing journey on the Rio Bueno was an adrenaline-packed blend of emotions and discoveries amidst generous nature. Drifting along the water, between laughter and challenges, we explored a striking landscape and shared moments of perfect communion with our surroundings.


Early arrival

Ready to float

The team arrived early at River Rapids Jamaica. On the riverbank, blending excitement and apprehension, we prepared earnestly, equipped with helmets and life jackets, attentively listening to our guide's advice.


Navigating the rapids

The river's tranquility gave way to tumultuous rapids, prompting laughter and cheers. Each turn revealed a vivid scene, from majestic waterfalls to locals' daring leaps from cliffs.


Authentic Jerk Chicken

Racing in inflatable rafts to reach a pristine beach where our mini bus awaited us, our journey ended in the euphoria of this final challenge, marking our teamwork and bravery. Toasting our victories with a feast of jerk chicken at Scotchies, this unforgettable adventure will be etched in our memories forever.

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