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The Resort

Memories Beach Resort

23.2098 ° N — 81.1384 ° W

The Memories Beach Resort is an enormous hotel complex of 1035 rooms, five outdoor pools, several restaurants and buffet areas. Located at the tip of Varadero, this resort offers the Caribbean’s most beautiful white sandy beaches and breathtaking crystal-clear waters.


The Dilemma

A difficult choice

Pool or beach? This question will preoccupy us during our entire stay. In between an improvised volleyball game and an ocean swim you can work on your tan by lying on the white sand and sipping your favourite cocktail in good company. As the internet isn’t very well developed in Cuba yet, we toss our phones and enjoy some quality time with no distractions.


At night, anything is possible

Festive souls awaken as the sun sets and the show begins. Our friendly GOs dance with the team to torrid Latin music. Evenings sometimes stretch until the early hours of the morning and the snack bar remains open for late-night munchies. Prohibited midnight dips multiply as we leave our comfort zones and we take the fullest advantage of the complex.

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