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The Dive

Caribbean Sea

23.0726 ° N — 80.4414 ° W

Cuba is famous for scuba diving as aquatic life in this region of the Caribbean is very active. One finds schools of different colours and varieties of fish, multicoloured coral and many sunken metal relics.


The wreck

A ship’s remains

The Varadero region offers diving enthusiasts a multitude of thrills. During one of our dives, the team had the opportunity to enter a huge ship’s wreck, often a refuge for aquatic life. An enormous school of silvery fish takes refuge there and we run into a small nurse shark napping at the bottom of the metal hold. From the outside the wreck is of impressive size.


A colourful spectacle

The second dive is organized on a coral beach. We prepare our equipment for a dive straight from the shore under an already radiant sun. The dive site is in shallow waters, allowing us to contemplate underwater colours in full splendour. It’s a very calm and soothing dive that makes us want to go back.

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